SR Finanzmann is a finance consultancy with offices in the United Kingdom and Nigeria (RC 1303478) with a history of prompt delivery on a variety of projects.

We are a dynamic group with an increasing presence in major emerging markets in Africa and Asia. Our portfolio extends into healthcare, property, oil & gas, agriculture, technology and financial instruments.

We spearhead lucrative projects in emerging markets and in Europe, our mode of operation is to establish strategic partnerships to the benefit of our short and long term portfolios. Our clients benefit from our broad network of contacts and transparency. We value relationships, and undoubtedly understand how important a role it plays when structuring complex projects and proposals.

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Large and medium sized foreign exchange tickets

We deliver timely FX in emerging markets for corporates and institutions in a timely fashion. We offer the best rates, fast execution and even faster settlement for larger ticket transactions in T+0 fashion
Our approach to delivering foreign exchange services in emerging markets is centred on transparency and personalised service. We recognise that each client has unique requirements when it comes to currency exchange, and we work closely with each client to understand their specific needs and provide tailored solutions that meet those needs.
Our payment services are authorised and in compliance with the applicable regulatory guidelines. This means that your transactions can be carried out with confidence, ensuring secure and reliable trading. In addition, our robust infrastructure permits payment for both large and small projects, both domestically and overseas. Moreover, we enable our clients to carry out transactions in any currency they prefer, thus providing an added level of convenience and flexibility. Whether it’s a small-scale domestic project or large cross-border transactions, the company’s regulatory compliant payment services cater to the diverse payment needs of our clients.

What our clients say

I needed to trust someone that would listen to our needs and ensure that the decisions made were the right ones for our long term objectives. Bryan took the time to personally review all our financial matters, including my business operations and properties. Bryan was then able to forecast our future in order to meet our business objectives and wealth. Many thanks

- David May -

Both B. and myself have been extremely pleased with the results of the service you gave us.

- Jane Palmer -

This financing accelerates our mission to put as much solar in the ground as possible. We are excited to further build our business with the support of SR FINANZMANN

- Jeans Stoner -
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